Getting Rid of Troublesome Woodworm from surbiton Properties

It is extremely important to find solutions for your property when it is under attack from woodworm. It can cause seriously weakened timber if left over time, and this can then cause large repair expenses and injuries. Also known as the common furniture beetle, or anobium punctatum, woodworm will chew through furniture and other wooden surfaces, causing exterior and interior damage. At CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd, in Surbiton, Surrey, we excel in woodworm treatments and control, eliminating them from your property.

The attack of woodworm is varied, both in the type of timber affected and their larval lifespan, which can range from 10 months to 11 years. One key indication of a woodworm infestation is the presence of lemon-shaped pellets in gritty bore dust. If this becomes clear, you should call our team to carry out the first step of the solution, accurate identification, as not all woodworm infestations require removal.

Treating the Infestation

To achieve a swift solution, we use the most effective insecticidal fluids that are without odour and quickly soak into the timber. This eliminates the insects on contact as they pass through the protected treatment zone, which soon leads to complete eradication of the pests. You can rest assured that our methods are always non-intrusive, and particular attention will be paid to ensure any items of value are not damaged while the treatment is carried out.

"Paul was very helpful and friendly, and responded to my many queries before the work started very promptly. Honest and trustworthy – we left the keys with them while we went on holiday. When we returned, the flat was very clean and tidy too."

Customer in Reigate, 2014

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