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Dry rot spores are ubiquitous, meaning that no environment is entirely free of them. Because of this, they can grow on, feed off, and destroy timbers in any property. When left to do so, dry rot causes serious damage, and can lead to structural problems. To counteract this, choose a dry rot treatment and solution from CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd. Working with clients in Fulham, we work swiftly to ensure severe damage does not take place. The longer you leave the dry rot, the worse the problem becomes, and the more expensive repairs are, so make sure you call us at the first sign of damage.

How to Identify Dry Rot

  • Wood Shrinking and Darkening in Colour with Cracks Appearing in a Brittle Cuboidal Manner
  • Active Dry Rot Will Produce a Musty, Damp Odour
  • Soft, Fleshy Pancake or Bracket Fruiting Bodies That Are Orange or Red in Colour
  • Rust Red-Coloured Spore Dust, Often Seen around the Fruiting Bodies
  • Often the Wood Affected Is Easily Broken and Crumbles in Your Hand
  • Strands Which Have Developed in the Dry Rot Mycelium - These Will Be Brittle and Typically Have Pores

Tackling Rot Head on

Dry rot has a number of different lifecycle stages. This makes it crucially important to identify the level of treatment that is required. Once our expert team have determined the level of rot present, we will complete the treatment, which typically consists of a unique, low-odour, micro-emulsion preservative fluid being applied to the affected and surrounding areas. Applying the fluid helps to reduce the risk of the dry rot spreading following the conclusion of the treatment.

Choose the Professionals

The team at CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd is confident that, using our extensive knowledge and experience, we will correctly diagnose and treat your dry rot problem. In fact, we are so confident that we offer an insurance-backed guarantee on all of our work. Dry rot can quickly take over the timbers in your house, so make sure that you acquire a swift solution from us.

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