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In comparison to dry rot, wet rot is usually easier to treat. However, it should not be underestimated, as it occurs more often than dry rot and can still lead to lasting damage occurring in your home. When presented with damp conditions, wet rot thrives, attacking timber at will. Without an effective treatment, is can easily lead to serious structural damage. The team at CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd treat wet rot at properties throughout Putney, and will be happy to help resolve your problem.

The Signs of Wet Rot

  • Wet, Rotten Wood Has a Soft and Spongy Feel
  • Often Looks Darker Than the Healthy Wood Surrounding It
  • Rotten Wood That Has Dried Often Has Longitudinal Cracks and Easily Crumbles into Fine Dust
  • To Test Painted Wood, Try Poking It with a Screwdriver; If It Sinks in Easily the Wood Is Rotten
  • In Severe Cases, by Pressing the Wood with Your Finger, Water May Rise to the Surface of the Wood

If you identify any of these symptoms at your property, you should call us immediately. We will arrange a survey allowing us to identify any and which treatments are needed.

Taking Control of Wet Rot

Controlling the sort of damp environments that allow wet rot to grow is crucial, and the team at CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd excel at it. Common causes of damp environments include rising damp and poorly ventilated areas suffering from condensation. These are two of our specialist areas, which makes us the only contractors to choose. With more than 45 years of combined experience, and testimonials to verify the quality of our work, you can rest assured that we are the right company for you.

"Excellent service all round. They arrived early to accommodate me going to work. Finished within timescale and overall very pleased with the work done."

Customer in Kingston upon Thames, 2014

Contact us now, in Putney, to discover more about how damp conditions allow wet rot to thrive.

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