Taking Control of Condensation inside Properties in surbiton

Condensation occurs when there is excessive moisture present within the home and poor ventilation. It’s especially present during the Winter months as the temperature outside is lower than inside the home. Condensation, if left untreated, can lead to further issues such as mold, mildew, and structural damage to the property. If black spot fungi or damp patches become noticeable in the home, this is a sign of a condensation issue. When this becomes obvious, please give our team a call. Based in Surbiton, Surrey, the team at CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd are able to control the levels of condensation in your property.

Damaging Effects

Dampness caused by excessive condensation can lead to mould growth on walls and furniture, mildew on clothes and other fabrics, and the rotting of wooden window frames. Also, damp, humid conditions provide an environment in which house dust mites can easily multiply. The mould growths associated with condensation can become damaging not only to decorations and furnishings, but also to the health of occupants. That is why it’s so important to control your condensation sooner rather than later.

Causes of Condensation

There are four main factors that cause condensation. They are:

  1. Too Much Moisture Produced in the Home
  2. Lack of Ventilation
  3. Cold Surfaces
  4. Insufficient Temperature Control

Alongside these four main factors, our everyday activities add extra moisture to the air inside the property. To give you some idea as to how much extra water this could be in a day, here are a few illustrations:

  • 2 People at Home = Up to 3 Pints
  • Washing Dishes = 2 Pints
  • A Bath or Shower = 2 Pints
  • Bottled Gas Heater (8 Hours’ Use) = 4 Pints
  • Drying Clothes Indoors = 9 Pints
  • Cooking and Using a Kettle = 6 Pints

Total Moisture Added in One Day = 26 Pints or 14.8 Litres

Reducing Condensation

At CPM Waterproofing Services Ltd, our hard-earned qualifications and vast experience enable us to effectively reduce the condensation in your home. By installing positive-pressure ventilation units to control the humidity within the property, alongside the addition of humidistat fans to the bathroom and kitchen, we can control the levels of moisture and condensation within your home. To arrange a survey of your home and discover how we can help control condensation, get in touch with us today.

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